I am trying to overwrite some methods from my original js file.

My original file path is:


In my file-mixin.js file I want override few things from file.js at below location:


My requirejs-config.js


var config = {
    'mixins': {
        '<Vendor>_<Theme>/js/file': {
            '<Vendor>_<Theme>/js/file-mixin': true

My file-mixin.js

], function ($) {

$.widget('mage.something', {
    _create: function () {
      // Content goes here

return $.mage.something;

The problem is, my file-mixin.js overwrites all my file.js, it looks like file-mixins.js does not inherit any thing from file.js (or don't even see file.js)

Any one know how can I fix problem with this one?

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