I am working in magento 2.3.0 with paid theme. I want to override paid theme templates without changing theme files. So that in future if theme updates my functionality still remains. How can I do this ?


You can create child theme of that paid theme(parent theme) and then customise it as per requirement. You can refer following link for the same.



I want to render sub categories with images as grid on category pages. So want to override Magento_Catalog/templates/category/products.phtml" -chanchal

For this you don't need to override the theme template file, this job is done using the extension.

For this follow steps below:

  1. Open link "https://github.com/pratikmage/magento2-subcategory/" and download the file, extract in your "app/code" folder.

  2. Do necessary changes related to vendor name, path etc.

  3. To install this module run upgrade & deploy commands.

  4. Create Static Block and assign {{block class="Magento\Catalog\Block\Category\View" name="subcat" template="category/sub.phtml"}}

  5. Edit category from admin panel and select cms block in category content. For this refer below link: https://belvg.com/blog/adding-a-static-block-to-a-category-page-in-magento-2-0.html

  6. Clear the cache and check it.

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