I like to set a "Buy 3 pay for 2" item rule. I have created a "Cart Price Rules" but it does not seem to apply.

If I add 3 of the same items or 3 different items it still results in the original price.

What am I doing wrong? the changes does not show at all.

Promo rule does not work 3 for 2


try to put 1 in Discount amount, as this is the quantity the customer will receive for free. Plus, clear cache and perform re-index after the rule is created.

  • Sadly it did not work :( – user3091199 Mar 13 at 8:43

Turns out that this function does not exist as standard in Magento. Instead I bought a plugin for it.

the built in support requires that all the products are the same.

Instead I bought this one: https://amasty.com/special-promotions-for-magento-2.html

  • I think it does now. I added the URL where I bought the plugin needed to solve the problem. Magento does not support this functionality at the moment. – user3091199 May 1 at 6:23

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