I've inherited a project which lists configurable products in the catalog view, as well as listing the simple products attached to that configurable product. For example;

Configurable Product: Sandpaper
Items: 40grit sand paper, 50grit sand paper, 60grit sandpaper. 

We've had to upgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.2.7, which has caused the ajax add to cart we were using to stop working.

I've attempted to debug as best I can, but I'm just about ready to throw the computer out the window.

According to the original solution, making a POST request to


With the following payload

form_key: "nEcvSLTQFbHNKTNJ"
product: "2014"
qty: "2"
super_attribute[173]: 81
super_attribute[174]: 83
super_attribute[223]: 326
uenc: "aHR0cDovL2RyYWtlLmxvY2FsL2FicmFzaXZlcy8xMTVtbS1nYXJyeXNvbi1jZXJhbWlxLWZsYXAtZGlzY3MuaHRtbD9vcHRpb25zPWNhcnQ,"

Should add to product to the cart. Instead, it no longer does this and throws me a front end error of

"You need to choose options for your item."

The response from the server is to just return

{backUrl: "http://{website}/{category}/{configurable-product-page}.html?options=cart"}

What do?

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