I have seen so many answers related to this question but nothing resolved my issue , this is the issue

enter image description here

I have

cleared cache , pub/static , generated , var/cache , var/view_preprocessed, setup:upgrade ; di:compile ; cache:flush , indexer.

almost run all commands and css minfication and js minfication and merge is also set to 0 means disabled symlink in di.xml file is also set from symlink to copy I have tried reverting it to symlink also but no luck . Any other way to sort this out ? In the frontend there are so many console issues like that in the screenshot . Locale is en_US so static-content command is also correct and from the frontend console errors are like the below image. enter image description here

  • seems your issue has been fixed:).If you want to post the solution then please put – Amit Bera Mar 8 at 7:38
  • issue was not fixed actually , reinstalled theme and import data – Flutterer Mar 8 at 15:55

I have problems on our site with static content, the cache and upgrade commands just not working quite right. I find that switching the mode to developer and then back to production always remedies it though.

bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer


bin/magento deploy:mode:set production

  • yes i have tried it also but no luck .. – Flutterer Mar 7 at 16:24

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