I am facing issue related payment method show for the specific country using Magento 2.2.6. Below are the steps followed by me

  1. Set "Payment from Applicable Countries" to Specific Countries and a select couple of countries.

  2. On Frontend - open checkout and select any allowed country and click NEXT. It will show desired payment methods in the next step.

  3. Go back to Step #1 and select any other country which doesn't allow Check and Money Order and click NEXT.

  4. It will still show Check and Money Order though it is set to NO for the selected country.

This issue is also available on git hub community but I didn't find any solution. https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/10234

Please help me to solve this default Magento 2 issue.

  • I think the issue will be resolved if you update to the latest Magento version – Amit Naraniwal Mar 7 at 5:48
  • this issue is coming in Magento 2.3 also – Aish Mar 7 at 5:50
  • any update on this issue. I didn't find any solution for this. – Aish Mar 27 at 5:35

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