I can't get translations for module Magento_Quotes at frontendenter image description here:

I try to check invalid coupon code and got untranslated message.

I try to use translates at next locations, but no one are not been translated:

  1. Translates exists for the theme (and others works correctly)

  2. Translates exists for the module Magento_Quotes

  3. Translates added to module's csv file Magento_Quotes

So, if i try the valid coupon code - phrases are translated correctly, but Magneto use Magento_SalesRule module for this action.

In debug I determinate that Magento_Quotes throw Exception for invalid coupon codes...

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As I conclude Magento has a lot of troubles with JS translation, and more than 3 ways to applying translation.

Most effective, but not covered at all is creating Language Pack

It cover Magento_Quotes Exception,

but not cover:

modal OK/Cancel

  • in comparing inside Personal Area
  • in item removing from a cart

How to create Language Pack: http://www.ecommercegorilla.com/translation-localization-of-a-magento-2-store/

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