I need to achieve this:

In 'Order Total Report' (REPORTS > Customers > Order Total) add new columns, 'ID', 'Affiliate ID', 'Total BVP Purchase'.

'ID' ==> will display Customer ID

'Affiliate ID' ==> will display Custom customer attribute value stored in 'affiliate_id'.

‘BVP Total' ==> will display total successful purchase done in BVP by particular customer during that period. Product’s BVP value is stored in custom product attribute ‘product_bvp’. Kindly check screenshot attached for BVP. (Note.Price & BVP are 2 different entities. Currently it's calculating Total price. Similarly I want Total BVP).

Upon exporting report to CSV it should display above extra 3 columns with default columns.

enter image description here

  • any solution for this?
    – Prince FB
    Mar 8, 2019 at 3:45


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