On hover, Magento 2 gives a dropdown functionality, like megamenu, cart, and My account drop-down. The issue on the hovering the dropdown or pop up menu appears fine but when I remove my mouse and again point it to the area of dropdown submenu it shows the dropdown again although I didn't hover on the anchor or li tag this time.

ex- When I hover my mouse on the anchor of what's new then this submenu opens,

Black marked line is my house position

enter image description here

When I remove my mouse away from the anchor tag and submenu area and then point my mouse to click other things in the homepage, but since due to previous what's new hover submenu still takes some kind of z-index so it again opens the submenu

enter image description here

This is awkward behavior. It works fine when I click somewhere else after the first hover and then try to hover.

Mega menu should fade/disappear quickly when user leaves the menu area. If within short time user moves around Add to cart option, menu becomes visible distracting the user

How to fix this issue

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