Note: I am not using ui component to create my grid

I want to show totals at the end of the grid: enter image description here

I got stack exchange question related to this, but its for Magento 1.9

How to add a column Total row in a magento grid at the end

Can anyone would help me on this?

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In Grid.php file added a protected variable on class level

protected $_countTotals = true;

then add a function

public function getTotals()
    $totals = new \Magento\Framework\DataObject;
    $fields = array(
        'sold_count' => 0,
        'unit_price' => 0,
        'total_amount' => 0
    foreach ($this->getCollection() as $item) {
        foreach($fields as $field=>$value){
            if($field == "position" || $field == "total_limit") {
                $fields[$field] += $item->getData($field);
    //First column in the grid
    return $totals;

I hope this will help

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