I am looking for better options to implement PWA with my M2.3 store. Searched and found that we have 2 options (Venia and Vue) right now which provide a basic structure to start with PWA. While Vue have much features and options in it.

I am confused with which i should use ? I dont have experience in either React or Vue and On my store i have various custom pages and forms that i have built for client requirement using Using Custom Extensions which need to implement in PWA theme as well.

Can you suggest me which to follow ? which will be good in development and future secure ?

  • Suggest you go with Vue because still not well document release PWA from Magento side.
    – Sanju
    Mar 5, 2019 at 14:02

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I would go with the Vue Storefront - there are more implementations available, more case studies and the community is incredibly helpful. You'll find more arguments on VS blog.


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