I am using Magento2.1.9 getting this error in our console i am trying to different solutions but not fix it.please if any one know reply me

enter image description here

  • I ain't sure but I think its due to local storage, You can give a try to clear local storage data and clear cookie. It should work. – Vivek Mar 5 at 6:07
  • yes but i m not clear every time in console any solution for other way – Rv Singh Mar 5 at 6:11
  • After clearing local storage does error disappear ? – Vivek Mar 5 at 6:12

It turns out that customer-data.js uses the localStorage to store a variety of stuff (probably for caching purposes). This means that when a module (or Magento) updates, you'd better make sure to flush your local storage as well.

Reference - You can find some more solution here :



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