Since few days i try to fix issue with my mCustomScrollbar plugin and i got stuck.

First of all i i've got library with mCustomScrollbar.js and mousewheel.js in


and my script in

web/js .

I added mCustomScrollbar.js and mousewhell.js to requirejs-config with path and shims.

My script looks like:

function ($, mCustomScrollbar) {
    'use strict';
    return function (config, element) {
            theme: 'dark'

The problem is - when i open page (where my script is applying) sometimes console shows

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).mCustomScrollbar is not a function

and script doesn't work. Sometimes it works perfect. I don't know why it happens differently. When i open my page first time all looks good when i refresh - it depends, sometimes still works good (no errors, script applied) but sometimes doesn't work (with error above).

Can anyone tell me what wrong i do or why it happens differently?

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