I have created button on UI form:

        <button name="save">
            <url path="*/*/save"/>
            <label translate="true">Save</label>
        <button name="back">
            <url path="*/*/"/>
            <label translate="true">Back</label>
        <button name="send_mail" class="Vendor\ModuleName\Block\Adminhtml\Edit\Button\SendMail"/>


Button Data

 public function getButtonData()
    $data = [];
    if ($this->canshow()) {
        $data = [
            'label' => __('Send Mail'),
            'class' => 'save',
            'on_click' => sprintf("location.href = '%s';", $this->getButtonUrl()),

            'sort_order' => 80,
    return $data;

But I can't get all post params when going to action Sendmail. Also, that button can't validate. Any help will be accept.

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