I have setup multi-website in one magento. All the website working fine.

Now, I have tried to add review from admin but its gives below error.

A technical problem with the server created an error. Try again to continue what you were doing. If the problem persists, try again later.

enter image description here

I have enabled default ratings named Price, Quality and value for all the stores.

Please help me to how to resolve this issue.

  • Check the Developer Console, Console log files – HIren Kadivar Mar 4 at 8:24
  • Hello @HIrenKadivar how to check console? – Hiren Shah Mar 4 at 9:00
  • please check on var/log exception or system log ans also check brower console log – HIren Kadivar Mar 4 at 12:11
  • I checked browser console and its return with 404 code. http://magento230.com/admin/review/product/jsonProductInfo/id/1/key/dd74b9bb4b64d582f7c0e4c0df34d07741d562fa17a6acb4e376fb95c5c60161/?isAjax=true 404 Bad request – Hiren Shah Mar 4 at 12:16
  • I have the same problem when adding an image to a product that is larger than 1MB – Despotars Mar 4 at 12:23

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