Recently Magento announced Certified Professional Cloud Developer exam for Magento2.


I have some questions about this Certified Professional Cloud Developer exam.

  • What is the passing score for magento cloud developer exam?
  • Which study materials useful for preparation of this exam except Free study Guide?
  • What is the retake policy for this exam?
  • How many free retakes are available?
  • What is difference between professional and cloud certification?

To answer your questions

  • 62% or higher needed to pass
  • As of now they only have course designed , but you can always refer to dev docs
  • Retake policy is almost the same for all exams ,4 attempts
  • There are no retakes , they used to give out coupons in December(couple of years back) which allows you for a free retake . Now they just give out 20% discount coupon
  • It would have more Cloud (Magento Cloud) centric questions , Professional developer is based Magento CE and Developer plus is based on Magento EE

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