we are using magneto 2.2.6, ethan theme for some website.Zoom option is working for desktop only for mobile screens it doesn't support here is our code

20 350 300 hover true 767px thumbs

    <var name="product_small_image_sidebar_size">100</var>  <!-- Override for small product image -->
    <var name="product_base_image_size">275</var>           <!-- Override for base product image -->
    <var name="product_base_image_icon_size">48</var>       <!-- Base product image icon size -->

    <var name="product_list_image_size">166</var>           <!-- New Product image size used in product list -->
    <var name="product_zoom_image_size">370</var>           <!-- New Product image size used for zooming -->

    <var name="product_image_white_borders">0</var>
<vars module="Magento_Bundle">
    <var name="product_summary_image_size">58</var>        


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