The CMS Page, content is :

{{block type="core/template" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml"}}

Its show the newsletter subscribe box, if add the email will not add to the database.


you can call below way..
and you have to enable the block in CMS -> Permissions (or add it, if it's not there).

The block name is of course: newsletter/subscribe

{{block type="newsletter/subscribe" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml"}}

after check it


You are using the wrong block, please change as follows:

{{block type="newsletter/subscribe" template="newsletter/subscribe.phtml"}}
  • After change with your code my cms page look like empty even Text box also not visible. @HelgeB – zus Mar 1 at 7:37
  • than it might be a permission issue, check the answer of Rakesh Donga – HelgeB Mar 1 at 7:39

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