I recently turned on email address confirmation for visitors signing up for the newsletter. I'd now like to delete all the newsletter subscriptions made prior to this.

Whilst the database table newsletter_subscriber does have a date column change_status_at, this column is not displayed in the admin, so I can't filter and delete just the old subscriptions.

Ideally I'd like to just run a simple query against the database, which will delete just what I want. However, I'm really cautious about running any queries directly against the Magento database as I'm worried about unexpected interactions.

I have searched the database schema for forign key references to columns in the newsletter_subscriber table, and can't find any.

Is there anyway to be sure that this is a standalone table and safe to delete from?

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Always better to use magento approach to delete records since it can trigger all needed event, action, etc. But in current case I don't see a big deal if you delete it by subscribers id

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