I'm trying to use an unset magic method to delete a row from the table.

Following is the line of code from execute method of my CLI command.


What do I need to add more to get this command working.

The command is registered properly when I check it in the command list and it executes on bash with no error however nothing changes in the database.

How should I close my execute method?


I'm not sure what $item is, but I can explain what the methods that start with uns do.
If your $item is an instance of a class that inherits Magento\Framework\DataObject and you have no method defined called unsEquipmentName calling $item->unsEquipmentName() is equivalent to $item->unsetData('equipment_name').
This does not affect you database.
It just unsets $_data['equipment_name'] from your object
Also, this method does not take any parameters.
you will need to persist your item after unsetting a value.
You can do that with either $item->save() which is not recommended or you can use the repository class for your entity, if you have one.
Maybe you should explan better what you are trying to achieve.

  • I was trying to delete all entries of "Equipment 1" from a equipment_name column. I have figured it out and following is the solution. – FarhanS Mar 1 at 4:03
$itemName = $input->getArgument(self::INPUT_KEY_NAME);
        $itemCollection = $this->collectionFactory->create()->getItemsByColumnValue('equipment_name',$itemName); //array type
        $equipment = $this->itemFactory->create();
        $output->writeln('<info>Collection items are ' . var_dump($itemCollection) . '</info>');
        foreach($itemCollection as $key=>$equipment)

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