I am new to KO, in my html file I am printing a value like this -

<!-- ko foreach: { data: JSON.parse($parent.options), as: 'option' } -->
    <!-- ko if: option.label === 'AAA' || option.label === 'BBB'  -->
        <dd class="values" data-bind="html: option.value"></dd>
    <!-- /ko -->    
<!-- /ko -->

And its working fine . But what I want is, I want assign all values of loop to a variable and want to print after loop. Like we do in php-

foreach($data as $key=> $index){
        $var = $index['value'];
        $var .= ' '.$index['value'];    

echo $var

Want to do the same in KO's html file using above KO loop.

Please help me in this.


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