I'm testing to add a multiselect input in my BO form. But, the multiselect output is broken (however, the value selected is really selected in BO, and values are assigned). When I select a value, the multiselect selects all the values (all the values are highlighted ; just graphically).

My XML :

<field name="my_field">
        <argument name="data" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="options" xsi:type="object">MyCompany\MyModule\Model\Config\Source\Content\TagSelect</item>
            <item name="config" xsi:type="array">
                <item name="dataType" xsi:type="string">text</item>
                <item name="label" translate="true" xsi:type="string">Tags</item>
                <item name="formElement" xsi:type="string">multiselect</item>

TagSelect File :

public function toOptionArray()

    return [
        ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST, 'label' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST],
        ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST, 'label' => 'test'],
        ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST, 'label' => 'test']


  • Please code of TagSelect – Amit Bera Feb 27 at 8:04
  • Please see the second block of code – Thomsath Feb 27 at 8:15
  • where you have implement this muiltselect .At ui form of admin or checkout – Amit Bera Feb 27 at 8:18
  • I implement it in ui_component, for form here – Thomsath Feb 27 at 8:20
  • 'value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST should not be same for all option. – Amit Bera Feb 27 at 8:25

As per as, Amit Bera comment:

All the option's value is the same MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST that why you are getting the issue. Each option value should be unique like:

public function toOptionArray() {
    $options = [];
    $options[] = ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST, 'label' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG1TEST];
    $options[] = ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG2TEST, 'label' => 'test2'];
    $options[] = ['value' => MyInterface::TAG_TAG3TEST, 'label' => 'test3'];
    return $options;

After toOptionArray Function Call Below Function

public function getAllOptions()
       return $this->toOptionArray();

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