What is the best way to identify a new customer when using an afterSave Plugin?

Or should I use a different approach to do something with new customers?


Whenever a customer registered through the frontend form Magento trigger the customer_register_success event:

File: vendor/magento/module-customer/Controller/Account/CreatePost.php

        ['account_controller' => $this, 'customer' => $customer]

Or either you can find the newly created customers by comparing the saved customer and previous customer data by observing customer_save_after_data_object event.

File: vendor\magento\module-customer\Model\ResourceModel\CustomerRepository.php

        'customer_data_object' => $savedCustomer,
        'orig_customer_data_object' => $prevCustomerData,
        'delegate_data' => $delegatedNewOperation
            ? $delegatedNewOperation->getAdditionalData() : []
  • Thanks MageAj. The customer_save_after_data_object was exactly what I was looking for. Now I just created an observer for it and added $isNewCustomer = $observer->getData('orig_customer_data_object') === null; – Ricardo Martins Mar 1 at 0:54

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