I need to get all discounted price from each cart rule which is applied on current quote. I am getting applied rule ids from $quote->getAppliedRuleIds() and I am getting total discounted amount but I am not sure how can I get discount price of each rule if multiple rules applied to quote.

For example, in quote 3 cart rules applied and each cart rule has different discount(10+20+30) at the code level I am getting total discount amount 60 which is correct but I need (10+20+30) as separate.

Is there any way to get this?

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Try this,

Inject \Magento\Checkout\Model\Cart class

$items = $cart->getQuote()->getAllItems();

  foreach ($items as $item) {
    $discountAmt = $item->getDiscountAmount(); //$item(get all information)



Please try this, loop through the quote visible items,
we will get the discount amount per item-wise.

$cartItems = $quote->getAllVisibleItems();
foreach ($cartItems as $item) {
$itemDiscountAmount = $item->getDiscountAmount();

Bro, try digging in this function


which fires 'salesrule_validator_process' event with discount data for each rule applied.
In your observer, you can put the breakdown in a registry then print them out in a checkout page LayoutProcessor block.


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