I have one issue when I run composer install command.

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How to solve this issue.


  • are you running it on local? – fmsthird Feb 26 at 7:40
  • your shashum in composer.lock shoud be like this "shasum": "5301f7a4d294cabcab3ae83e31fe5386c076520c" – fmsthird Feb 26 at 7:42

In my composer.lock was wrong info about this and any other packages yet. I have revert my changes with composer.json / composer.lock and it works for me. You can try:

  1. Clear the composer cache
  2. Remove the vendors
  3. Change in composer.json version of packages to static (e.g 1.2.0) to avoid update of them
  4. Remove composer.lock
  5. Start composer install. Then it should work correclty.

Make sure your vertex/module-tax shasum value in composer.lock equals to this:

"shasum": "5301f7a4d294cabcab3ae83e31fe5386c076520c"  

Or try to add this line in your composer.json

"replace": {
        "vertex/module-tax": "*"
  • Why we need to add this line in composer.json file? – Mano M Feb 26 at 8:39
  • to skip vertex module installation since it is not a required module of magento because it is a third party module not a core magento one – fmsthird Feb 26 at 8:45
  • will it cause any issue in magento? – Mano M Feb 26 at 8:49
  • Nope it will not. – fmsthird Feb 26 at 8:51
  • unless you are using it on your webshop – fmsthird Feb 26 at 8:51

It's trouble with vertex/module-tax. Add to replace this module in your file composer.json

   "replace": {
        "vertex/module-tax": "*"

after that need use:

composer update

after a successful update, install vertex/module-tax

composer require vertex/module-tax
composer update
  • Why we need to add this line in composer.json file? – Mano M Feb 26 at 8:42
  • It's needed for delete this module. After successful update you can install module again. – Alexey Panteleychuk Feb 26 at 9:49

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