this is postman api call


Responce is

{ "item_id": 10, "sku": "lenovo", "qty": 1, "name": "lenovo", "price": 35000, "product_type": "simple", "quote_id": "1" },

Here am trying to more information in product information like new_field from database how to get it,Thank You in Advance.enter image description here

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    You should try extension attributes – Ramkishan Suthar Feb 25 at 11:56
  • Thank you for response, am getting image url by extension attributes, but i'm not getting data from database or additional item information column into cart item in API – Praveen Negimani Feb 25 at 12:08
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    for this you need to create setter getter of new fields by extending CartInterface of Quote module. – Ramkishan Suthar Feb 25 at 12:12

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