In Magento2 API, how would I filter by multiple categories?


When the category ids are 105,106,107 I am getting results, but if the category ids are 107,106,105 I am getting empty items.

How can I search for different categories in Magento2 API?


For multiple values need to use in please refer below devdocs 

**Note**: In your search criteria it ill take first category id only.
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  • If it takes only first category then it will be a problem. If first category not having any products then we will get the empty results . same happening in my case as well. Any solution for this? – Dinesh Feb 25 '19 at 8:55
  • If you use eq it will happen like that yous should use in while you are using multiple categories – Sairam Sigirisetty Feb 25 '19 at 12:34

Example with Guzzle:

        $response = $this->client->get('/rest/V1/products', [
        'search_criteria' => [
            'current_page' => $currentPage,
            'page_size' => $pageSize,
            'filter_groups' => [
                    'filters' => [
                            'field' => 'category_id',
                            'value' => '23356,23355',
                            'condition_type' => 'in'
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