I am a professional PHP developer, it's been like 2-3 days since I am trying to work with magento. My task is to optimize the index page. Thing is, I can not edit the "actual" source of index page. The edit access in admin panel is very (very) limited.

For reference, I did check the admin panel > CMS > Pages > Homepage > Edit source. But! it only allows me to edit a specific part of actual index page. It only allows me to edit HTML, and that too, only about 50 lines, while I want to optimize all 1000+ lines of actual page.

And if anyone is wondering, I want to optimize page rendering, javascript code, external references, and also remove the redundant code.

  • Magento loads alot of templates which are showing if you enable template hints. You will need to optimize the templates. – Black Feb 23 at 8:25

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