I am getting this error in Magento 2.3. Error occurs with every email sent. enter image description here

CSS inlining error: DOMXPath::query(): Invalid expression in selector >> .fotorama__wrap:not(.fotorama__wrap--toggle-arrows) .fotorama__fullscreen-icon << in /var/www/html/magento2/vendor/pelago/emogrifier/src/Emogrifier.php on line 502

I have tried this method:

adding this file in app/design/frontend/VendorTheme/default/web/css/email.less

@import 'source/lib/email/stand/_lib.less'; // Global lib
@import 'source/lib/email/stand/variables/_email.less'; // Global email variables

I have also tried adding

"pelago/emogrifier": "1.0.0 as 0.1.1" in composer.json
  • what is your php version ? – Hafiz Arslan May 2 at 13:48
  • just downgrade the php version 7.3 to 7.2 every thing is working fine – Hafiz Arslan May 3 at 6:22

I've managed to fix the issue, is not the best practice, but it works.

Go to Marketing > Email Templates and create a new template. Click on Load template and load Magento_Email > Header.

In the Template Content field remove this line:

{{inlinecss file="css/email-inline.css"}}

A better solution would be to fix the issue in the file above.


Please do not use in your css code selectors with :not(), especially if after another selector follows to ':not' .This is necessary to aviod Еmogrifier errrors

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