Something is wrong with the admin session timeout in Magento2.2.6. I have everything set to 1 day however it's all ignored. I get logged out if I'm inactive for 15 minutes. I have vendor/magento/module-encryption-key/etc/config.xml set to 86400 and here are screenshots of my PHP and admin settings and my cookie which shows an expiration date of tomorrow but I will have to login again despite everything appearing to be setup correctly, what else am I missing?

Admin session timeout

PHP Settings

Cookie Shows Tommorrow


You should also try it by changing the following PHP INI varibles:

session.gc_divisor = 100
session.gc_probability = 1

For more details check: http://php.net/manual/en/session.configuration.php#ini.session.gc-divisor


@MageAj your answer got me in the right direction. It wasn't the actual solution but it led me to the problem. Once I set gc_divisor and gc_probability I found that Magento was unable to write to the php default session path which was set to the following:

session.save_path = "/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php70"

So I edited env.php and added save_path to the session section as follows:

'session' => [
        'save' => 'files',
        'save_path' => '/home/<user>/<magento_dir>/var/session'

Another solution might be to change from files to db for session storage.

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