I want to Exempt / Exclude Tax for a particular customer group in Magento 2.2. Could you pls help me out

  • For not applying the tax to a particular customer group make sure that you haven't included that customer group into the tax rule that you have created & to test this make sure you are accessing the front-end from the user which belongs to the excepted user group. – Abhishek Tripathi Feb 22 at 11:13
  • Ya, I have checked twice and checked the customer assignment. – gajjala sandeep Feb 22 at 11:17

You can assign tax rules to customer group as per following steps.


For example you can create wholesaler customer group and set no tax (zero) for it.

  • @KishanI have created a Tax rule and Tax Rate but still tax is including. Could u guide me pls? Thanks in advance – gajjala sandeep Feb 22 at 11:09
  • Check customer group of that customer in backend. Update it if necessary. – Kishan Patadia Feb 22 at 11:24
  • I have checked and customer group Tax Class is set correctly. – gajjala sandeep Feb 22 at 11:33

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