I want to remove html element from template file using knockout.js code. I have write my code in shipping.js which is getting called on checkout page. In shipping.js under i have defined my variable hideShippingHtml: ko.observable

     return Component.extend({
        hideShippingHtml: ko.observable(false),
       isVisible: ko.observable(quote.isVirtual()),
        quoteIsVirtual: quote.isVirtual()


on frontend in shipping.html template i called it for the div i want to remove

Method 1:

       <div if="hideShippingHtml">Jackson Villey</div>

Method 2:

                <div data-bind="visible: hideShippingHtml">Jackson Villey</div>

Method 3:

                <div data-bind="if: hideShippingHtml">Jackson Villey</div>

In console getting error that : ReferenceError: hideShippingHtml is not defined seems like data-binding error.

What could be the issue? Any help would be appreciated!

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