Is there a way to run bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy in a M2 script? or programatically? I have a scenario where in the CSS file is replaced within the admin panel. So I was thinking to automate the running of bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy without going to the terminal and manually running this command. Is there a way to achieve this? It's not only the bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy but also the bin/magento cache:clean

  • setup:di:compile generates php classes and doesn't relate to css. Probably you need setup:static-content:deploy. For setup:di:compile you can call \Magento\Setup\Console\Command\DiCompileCommand::run
    – joni jones
    Feb 21, 2019 at 14:11
  • @jonijones updated my question Feb 21, 2019 at 15:00
  • In that case, you can use \Magento\Setup\Console\Command\DeployStaticContentCommand and \Magento\Backend\Console\Command\CacheCleanCommand as dependencies in your code and call run method to regenerate static files and clear the cache
    – joni jones
    Feb 21, 2019 at 15:56
  • @jonijones I know it's too much can you perhaps add this as answer and show a sample code for this? Feb 21, 2019 at 15:59

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exec('bin/magento setup:di:compile');
exec('bin/magento cache:clean');

should get you what you need


Create Shell script.
Add bin/magento setup:di:compile ... command into shell script.

Then you can run this shell script using php file on any specific event on which you want run.

I hope this will help you.

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