Pretty new to Magento.

After I made a patch update I got a problem in my backend with editing my products. I can press the edit button but unfortunately I does look completely wrong. I wonder if it would be possible to recover some files from my backup (tar.gz file) and upload these via FTP manager.

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  • Yes its certainly possible to recover the respective files from your backup manually or you can just revert the patch. You can check the answer below, on how to do this. – Haijerome Feb 21 '19 at 5:11

Don't worry, just revert the patch that you installed using the command below, which will remove the changes made by the patch installed if you installed the patch through shell / command line.

sh patch-file-name.sh -R

You can also manually revert the patch as answered here

After that make sure to flush your cache completely by clearing the contents from var/cache/ directory

rm -rf var/cache/*

If you use version control , just revert the commit after this patch.

Besides these, if you really want to know how to find the core files modified by the patch, you can use these options below:

Comparing a complete Magento (core) install to stock



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