When i trying get The Payment Methods using REST API , "rest/V1/carts/{cartId}/payment-methods" , it is returning Empty Array as a result.

I'm passing Admin Bearer Token as Authorization.

  • This WEB API endpoint returns only active payment methods (enabled in admin panel) and available for the specified quote. The payment method implements \Magento\Payment\Model\MethodInterface::isAvailable it should return true, also payment method should satisfy default validators like useOnCheckout, useForCountry, useForCurrency, orderTotalMinMax - some of them can be configured via Admin Panel, some in config.xml for per a payment integration.
    – joni jones
    Feb 20, 2019 at 19:16

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I am facing similar issue as of now. with guest-carta api.


What I did is I build a wrapper api of my own and called this api to initate order and then in case if the api response is empty I am calling sql query i.e

SELECT * FROM `quote_id_mask` WHERE `masked_id` = 


SELECT * FROM `quote_id_mask` WHERE `quote_id` = 

It will give you entityID to initiate order for payment processing.

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