I have facing problem about manual indexing from cli and my command php indexer.php reindexall will take 3 to 4 day to compelete the indexing.

Here is some states of current catalog.

  1. Number of stores 4
  2. Number of categories 300+
  3. Number of product 40000+
  4. Number of attributes per product 200+
  5. Visible attribute on porduct page 150+ (create flat table about 300+ columns)

I'm importing products about every weekend about 4000+ products using mamgi tool. Every thing working fine except indexing.

Is there any other way to improve and speed up the indexing.

Thanks in advance


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After spending dozens of hours, i finally got the solution. The issue was basically limited RAM resources. If your system have the enough amount of memory then simple execute indexer.php will work. Otherwise you need to execute it with the memory stuff. memory_limit=-1

like php indexer.php -d memory_limit=-1 reindexall

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