I have a lot of observers that work like that:


Where checkoutopt_index_pagamento: page`s URL with _ instead of /, and all of it worked fine, until now.

The problem: I have to put an observer to a checkout page with URL "checkoutopt/index/revisao", but file path "onestepcheckout/onestep.phtml" and it isn't working.

I already try to use onestepcheckout_onestep, onestepcheckout_onestep_index, onestepcheckout_onestep_index_revisao, onestepcheckout_onestep_revisao, and a lot of others combinations.

How exactly could I define a observer to this page?

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If you look in the core code, you will find that this kind of event is dispatched in app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Action.php::postDispatch() with


So, you have to find out what is the result of $this->getFullActionName(). This will be routeName_controllerName_actionName. For a fast debug, you could log it with some Mage::log($this->getFullActionName()) in this method and access the url you want.

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