I want to generate invoice with specific amount, anyone have idea how can we generate invoice with specific amount ?


At Magento, you cannot generate a specific amount Wise.

Magento invoice order amount depends on NO of Invoice Qty.

invoice = Unitprice1 of an order item A NoOfInvoiuceQty

Give an example an order

Item A:  Qty: 2   unit price: 50
Item B:  Qty: 1 Unit unit price: 100

Then you can maximum 3 Invoice and mini 1



item A:  Qty: 1   unit price: 50

invoice B

item A:  Qty: 1   unit price: 50

Invoice C

item B:  Qty: 1   unit price: 100
  • ok so how we can add shipping amount to Invoice ? – Niranjan Gondaliya Feb 19 at 19:20
  • Shipping method is automatically assign to invoice – Amit Bera Feb 21 at 7:24

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