I have 2 types of product in my website.

1) simple products and 2) grouped products

i wanted different design for both this types of product types. so how can i have different template file for product detail page for above 2 type of product.

thanks in advance


We can add different templates in catalog_product_view_type_simple.xml and catalog_product_view_type_grouped.xml


Assign one.phtml in catalog_product_view_type_simple.xml, this one.phtml available only on simple products.

Assign two.phtml in catalog_product_view_type_grouped.xml, this two.phtml available only on grouped products.

  • where to change this ? – Pradeep Sanku Feb 18 at 10:18
  • @PradeepSanku it is a normal layout process, you can override or implement new block/template, it depends on your use cases. could you please mention which block you need to assign different templates based on product type? – Bilal Usean Feb 18 at 13:19

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