We need to setup elasticsearch on Magento 2 when a new container starts. We have post-install scripts that could handle that and not have someone go into the admin and manually do it.


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Found a way to do it. We added these commands to our post-install script:

magento config:set catalog/search/engine 'elasticsearch5'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_server_hostname 'elasticsearch-hostname.env'

You can also configure other things like ports:

magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_server_port '9200'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_index_prefix 'magento2'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_enable_auth '0'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_server_timeout '15'

These are the engine options:

mysql - MySQL
elasticsearch - Elasticsearch
elasticsearch5 - Elasticsearch5.0+

If you decide to use variables on the server_hostname, you must use double quotes:

magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch5_server_hostname "elasticsearch-$MY_VARIABLE.env"

If you use elasticsearch 7 use these commands (change values according to your needs):

magento config:set catalog/search/engine 'elasticsearch7'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_server_hostname 'localhost'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_server_port '9200'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_index_prefix 'magento2'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_enable_auth '0'
magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_server_timeout '15'

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