I came from reading Magento 2.2.7 admin panel blank page

However, i have an even more weird issue: The /magento/framework folder doesnt exist. Does anyone have an idea what is going on? I followed the step-by-step guide, created a DB called magento, and then did the installation on the /setup page, then tried to acess admin panel, and its blank.

Found that question, but when i tried to go and fix this, i found out the folder doesnt exist: enter image description here

  • make sure composer.jason in your directory then run cli command composer install – Frontend Dev Feb 17 at 5:10

Full Path For the file (Validator.php) is here C:\xampp\htdocs\magento\lib\internal\Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template\File\Validator.php

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you can find C:\xampp\htdocs\magento\lib\internal\Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template\File in lib folder in the home directory of Magento installation and then complete the steps in the link you added here

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