I have made a custom button that would be shown on the Product details page instead of the "Add to Cart" button. Now on clicking that button, I want to show some customizable options that are going to be hidden initially. I could not find a way to Hide/Show customizable options, I only found the code to create customizable options programmatically

$valuesArray = array();
//add as many options you want, here we add two
$valuesArray[] = array(
    "title"       => "Option1", 
    "price_type"  => "fixed", 
    "price"       => 9.99,
    "sku"         => $product->getSku(),
    "sort_order"  =>; 1,
$valuesArray[] = array(
    "title"       => "Option2", 
    "price_type"  => "fixed", 
    "price"       => 1.99,
    "sku"         => $product->getSku(),
    "sort_order"  => 2,
//now we create options and set type
$options[] = array(
    "sort_order"    => 1,
    "title"         => "Options",
    "type"          => "radio",
    "is_require"    => 1,
    "values"        => $valuesArray,
foreach ($options as $arrayOption) {
    $option = $this->_objectManager->create('\Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Option')
    $options[] = $option;

which is also not working. Is there a way, so that I can hide some customizable options when the user goes to the product detail page and unhide them when he clicks the custom button

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