I am trying to get all the order data. So I came across these three different types of methods to get items from an order

  • getItems()
  • getAllItems()
  • getAllVisibleItems()

I tried the first two getItems() and getAllItems , they give me double entries of order

  • One with no size
  • Another with 0 price


    foreach ($orderInfo->getAllItems() as $item):?>
    // code to get all order attributes
    <?php endforeach; ?>

double order details entry

and when I tried last option getAllVisibleItems() I get a single entry(which I need), but size is missing.


    foreach ($orderInfo->getAllVisibleItems() as $item):?>
    // code to get all order attributes
    <?php endforeach; ?>

enter image description here

So on some exploration, I found that getAllVisibleItems() gives me configurable product which doesn't have the size,

So how can I get all order details in a single entry which contain every order related details

Item Name , Size , Quantity , Price I am puzzled how can I get all these details.


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Using getAllVisibleItems() is the right way. If you have a configurable product you can get the configured options with the following code:

if ($item->getProductType() == 'configurable'){
    $options = $item->getProductOptions()['attributes_info'];

There you find an array with the following structure in case of a configurable product - what you need for frontend are all the lables and values of the elements of this array:

[0] => Array
        [label] => Size
        [value] => XS
        [option_id] => 141
        [option_value] => 167

[1] => Array
        [label] => Color
        [value] => Red
        [option_id] => 93
        [option_value] => 58

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    Do you know how I would get the same infor but for a bundle product?
    – ItsJhonny
    Jul 7, 2020 at 13:13

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