I have created a boolean attribute using below code.

  $setup = $this->_objectManager->get('Magento\Framework\Setup  \ModuleDataSetupInterface');
        $eav_setup_factory = $this->_objectManager->get('Magento\Eav\Setup\EavSetupFactory');   
        $eavSetup = $eav_setup_factory->create(['setup' => $setup]);
        $AttributeCode = "test_attribute";
        $AttributeName = "Test Attribute";
        $type = 'int';
        $input_type = 'boolean';

                     'type' => $type,
                     'backend' => '',
                     'frontend' => $AttributeName,
                     'label' => $AttributeName,
                     'input' => $input_type,
                     'class' => '',
                     'source' => 'Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\Source\Boolean',
                     'global' => \Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\ScopedAttributeInterface::SCOPE_GLOBAL,
                     'visible' => true,
                     'required' => false,
                     'user_defined' => true,
                     'default' => '0',
                     'searchable' => false,
                     'filterable' => false,
                     'comparable' => false,
                     'visible_on_front' => true,
                     'used_in_product_listing' => true,
                     'unique' => false,
                     'apply_to' => ''

Attribute created but when try to open I am getting this error.

Class "Test Attribute" does not exist. 

can anyone look into this issue and update me please.

I need to create Yes/No attribute for product.


First of all, $AttributeName is not defined. and you use that variable for frontend and label.
I assume you changed your code before posting it here and you have somewhere $AttributeName = 'Attribute label'.
You need to remove 'frontend' => $AttributeName,. Maybe replace it with 'frontend' => '',

  • hi @Marius, sorry its my mistake, updated my question – jafar pinjar Feb 13 at 9:06
  • so my suspicion was right. My answer stands – Marius Feb 13 at 9:24
  • no, I forgot to add that variable in question, attribute created successfully, once it is clicked in admin, i am getting that error, – jafar pinjar Feb 13 at 9:26
  • Read my answer carefully. You need to remove the line 'frontend' => $AttributeName or replace it with 'frontend' => ''. Delete your attribute and recreate it again with my suggestion. – Marius Feb 13 at 9:48
  • hi @marius, then how to update the label for attribute if removed frontend? – jafar pinjar Feb 13 at 12:50

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