After new customer registration, the customer account should be approved by the admin and then a customer can log into their account.


There is one plugin for customer approval on Github customer activation

And copy files to your project.

plugins contain the folder 'app' and subfolders as code, etc, locale place all files to appropriate folders

after installation, you will see customer activation tab at the backend under

system->Configuration->customer configuration

you need to do setting there as you want

  • You have posted the wrong answer if you question is about Magento 2.Vinai module module is related with magento 1. – Amit Bera Feb 12 at 13:17
  • By mistake I added that – Smita Kagwade Feb 12 at 14:37
  • the tag says magento-1.9 so this seems like an appropriate answer – BlueC Feb 14 at 16:16

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