I want to apply multiple price ranges on final price of product collection. I have tried below code.

->where('price_index.final_price <= ' . $maxprice)- 
>where('price_index.final_price >= ' . $minprice);

But from above method i can only apply one range to it. Also price range is dynamic. It can be one or more than one. I found following solution regarding my problem


But addFieldToFilter is not working on $collection. Any help will be appreciated.

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You can pass more complex conditions to the where() method and there is also a orWhere method which appends the condition with OR.

For example this should do what you expect:

->where(diy_kit_price >= 0 AND diy_kit_price <= 5000) 
->orWhere(diy_kit_price >= 15000 AND diy_kit_price <= 20000);
  • Thanks it helped! There is just little problem as i mentioned price ranges are dynamic that's why when i am going through ranges in a loop i have to check if it's a first iteration than use ->where else ->orWhere. Which feels odd to me. Feb 13, 2019 at 7:08

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