Unfortunately somebody changed the tax class for many of our products. We needed 2 weeks to recognize that. Now I got 150 orders with wrong tax. I need to fix that and resend all invoices to the customers. I tried to check the SQL for the right entrys and fix it manually but I failed in that jungle. Maybe somebody got any script for things like that? Or could me please say in wich tables i got to fix that manualy?

Thank you!

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The tax calculation process is not quite simple in Magento therefore I'm not sure if there is a posibility to create an appropriate statement.

But if you can calculate the tax amounts for your products you can update the following tables (just look for the columns containing tax which have values for your 150 orders):


If the total amounts of the orders are also afected by your tax class changes you have to updated the corresponding columns to and also the grid tables:


I hope that helps.

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