I have developed a custom module,

If my cache enables dynamic data pages are not on updating every request so I have added cacheable="false" now everything is working perfectly.
XML file : view/frontend/layout/routerid_controller_action.xml

But When I upload the extension on marketplace they are giving cacheable="false" error.

As per Magento's default documentation, if you add cacheble=false in some blocks full page cache mechanism not works. but my point is I have an entirely new page which almost has all the dynamic data then how they are telling for this error.

Also, I have checked the core modules 'module-sales','module-customer' they are also using cacheable="false" in their XML(s)?

I have also tried isScopePrivate=true but it's no longer supports https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/3202#issuecomment-253496851

So Please let me know if there is an alternate solution.

  • In which layout file you are using this? – Kamal Paliwal Feb 8 at 10:37
  • view/frontend/layout/routerid_controllername_action.xml – Himanshu Feb 8 at 10:38
  • What is the layout handle bro? Is it default.xml? – Kamal Paliwal Feb 8 at 10:38

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