Hi I have an inline translation which is no longer showing up with a red box around it, and so I am unable to edit the content from the front end.

Inspecting the element it should be held in "mage_catalog" is there a way to go directly into the database and make the amendments?

If not is there a workaround to target this field and change the text.

<span translate="[{
"shown":"<div><table><tr><td>Please call for details<br>0203 011 1968<\/td><\/tr><\/table><\/div>",
"translated":"<div><table><tr><td>Please call for details<br>0203 011 1968<\/td><\/tr><\/table><\/div>",
"original":"Out of stock","location":"Span element","scope":"Mage_Catalog"}]"></span>
  • I know that there is a problem with these translations and a version of chrome, any chance this is also your issue? Jan 26, 2015 at 15:30

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Instead of using the database use the translate csv's. It should be in app/local/[language]/Mage_Catalog.csv.

More info about the Magento translations csv's can be found here.

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