I have a table which store certain data in database. First i am checking if the content is already there in the database if yes then update it else insert a new data.

$sync = $this->inventoryCollection->create()
        ->addFieldToSelect("*")->addFieldToFilter("product_id", ["eq"=>$productId])
        ->addFieldToFilter("type", ["eq"=>$type])->getFirstItem();
    $totQty = $qty;
    $id = 0;
        $invent = $this->inventorySync->create()->load($sync->getData("inventory_track_id"),"inventory_track_id");
            $invent->setData("qty", $qty);
        else {
            $totQty = $invent->getData("qty") + $qty;
            $invent->setData("inventory_track_id", $sync->getData("inventory_track_id"));
            $invent->setData("qty", $totQty);
            $invent->setData("product_id", $productId);
            $invent->setData("sync", true);
        $id = $invent->getId();
    else {
        $invent = $this->inventorySync->create();
            "product_id" => $productId,
            "qty" => $qty,
            "type" => $type,
            "sync" => true
        $id = $invent->getId();

The strange thing is i am getting an error saying "Unique constraint violation found"

How can i update the data?

  • please share the schema of this model – Amit Bera Feb 7 at 7:49

Found the issue.

I had made a small mistake at Resource Class.

protected function _construct()
    $this->_init('avesh_inventory_qty_track', ' inventory_track_id');

It should had been

protected function _construct()
    $this->_init('avesh_inventory_qty_track', 'inventory_track_id');

No Spaces.

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